Dr. Kamal Thapar, MD., PhD., FRCSC., FAANS
1200 Oakleaf Way, Suite A, Altoona, WI 54720

Patient Orientation

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For Patients

At Thapar Neurosurgery, we provide a full spectrum of advanced neurosurgical care for individuals suffering from conditions of the spine and brain as well as some nerve related conditions in arms and legs. We have a large practice that encompasses thousands of patient visits each year at four locations in western Wisconsin (Altoona/Eau Claire, Rice Lake, Chippewa Falls, Black River Falls). We have therefore adopted a team approach directed by neurosurgeon Dr. Kamal Thapar, and drawing on the combined expertise of Neurosurgical Nurse Practitioners Jolene DHuyvetter and Katie King. Each member of the team is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the patient and family.

Together, we will tailor an individualized treatment plan that is right for you. Most importantly, from the moment of the initial encounter, throughout the treatment plan, and particularly if that plan necessitates surgical care, our team will ensure that you will never feel alone and will be at your side every step of the way. There will always be a neurosurgical provider at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Although neurosurgical conditions are frequently complex, our team can help you better understand your problem and navigate the treatment alternatives available to you.

We encourage you to utilize our website to learn more about our team, various brain and spine conditions and to contact us to make an appointment or to obtain a second opinion.

Your first visit

No two patients are the same. Neurosurgical care needs to be individualized to the needs of each specific patient. This begins with carefully listening to you. At the initial visit, you will be thoroughly evaluated by Dr Thapar and/or a nurse practitioner, Jolene D’Huyvetter and Katie King, in an unhurried fashion so that we can fully understand your symptoms and needs. In order to better diagnose your condition, we will need to have your imaging studies (MRI, CT scan etc.), as well as the results of other tests and treatments (physical therapy, injections, chiropractic treatment) that may already have been carried out. All of these will be carefully reviewed with you. In some instances, particularly when additional imaging studies or other investigations are required, the nurse practitioners will arrange to have these carried out before seeing Dr. Thapar. This will make sure he has all the important information available when he discusses treatment options with you.

For most spinal conditions, we usually begin with nonsurgical treatments, as many patients can be treated effectively without surgery. These include physical therapy, chiropractic care, or spinal injections. For these we will direct you to trusted colleagues with expertise in these treatments. Only when these options fail, or if they are unlikely to be helpful, is surgical treatment considered. If spine surgery is required, we use minimally invasive approach whenever possible to allow a quicker recovery and to lessen post-operative pain.