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Cervical Spine Fractures

A cervical spine fracture is a break in one of the bones of the cervical spine (neck). There are seven bones in the neck called cervical vertebrae, which allow us to move our neck in multiple directions.


– Any high impact injury to the head/neck

– Motor vehicle accident

– Falls

– Sports related injuries


– Neck pain

– Arm pain

– Numbness and tingling

– Weakness or paralysis


In order to confirm the diagnosis of a cervical spine fracture, a combination of imaging studies may be necessary in the diagnosis of cervical spine fractures including x-rays, CT, and MRI scans.


There are various treatment options for cervical spine fractures depending on the level (or section) of the spine affected and whether the fracture is stable or not. The most common treatments include a cervical collar, halo device, and/or surgical intervention. If surgical intervention is required, it would involve performing an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and/or a posterior cervical fusion.